Planning inquiry cancelled!

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Save Ealing’s Centre has received a letter from The Planning Inspectorate dated 5 May informing them that the planning inquiry due to start on 9 May has been cancelled. This is because Benson Elliot (the developers) have just completed the sale … Continued

Transforming Pitzhanger

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The John Delafons Lecture this year will be about Ealing’s wonderful Pitzhanger Manor. The speaker will be Georgina Nayler, Deputy Chair of Pitzhanger Manor Trust. She will be describing the restoration which has been ongoing since early 2015 when the Manor closed … Continued

Ealing Common at the AGM

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Ealing Common was once a very dangerous place according to Jennifer Shipside. Highwaymen like the notorious Sixteen String Jack used to rob unsuspecting travellers there in the Eighteenth Century.  We heard about Jack and all aspects of the Common from … Continued

Success for Central Ealing Plan

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The Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum produced a local plan based on input from residents and organisations. The local plan was submitted to Ealing Council last year and has now been passed by an independent examiner.  Following a public hearing in … Continued

SEC appeal for funds

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As the newsletter indicates, Save Ealing’s Centre (to which the Society is affiliated) is still appealing for funds to underwrite the cost of the planning inquiry over 9-42 The Broadway in May. So far around around £22k has been raised … Continued

Now we are 50

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The Society was formed in October 1967 following a meeting in Ealing Town Hall about the radical redevelopment of Ealing Town Centre. We’ve planned a number of special events to mark our 50th anniversary. Look out for announcements. We also … Continued