Each year Ealing Civic Society makes awards to recognise and encourage building and environmental projects that make a noteworthy contribution to the community in the London Borough of Ealing. The winners receive a certificate and may display a Society plaque commemorating the award. The judges can also award certificates for ‘highly commended’ and ‘commended’ entries.

The purpose of the Society’s award is to stimulate interest among the people of Ealing in development and conservation projects, and to enable them to recognise and reward new buildings, refurbishments or restorations which make a positive contribution to the amenity of Ealing and its townscape. The Society aims to encourage a high standard of architecture, design and fitness for purpose in buildings and other projects throughout the borough.

Awards will be made for schemes that enhance the environment by good design, landscaping, or service to the community of other kinds. They may include new buildings or those which have been substantially restored or refurbished, landscaping or townscape projects. Good design, fitness for purpose and flexibility in meeting changing needs are especially relevant. So too are the demonstration of energy efficiency, good pedestrian access, anti-pollution measures and the re-use of materials.

Certain eligibility conditions apply. The project must be located within the London Borough of Ealing. For completed projects, work must have been completed during the two years preceding the year of the award, and the project must have been in use for its intended purpose for at least six months. Nominations must be made with the consent of the owners of the project.


Ealing Civic Society is gradually building up its collection of commemorative green wall plaques and bronze pavement plaques to commemorate famous people or historic buildings in the borough. You can view our plaques here. We normally only use bronze pavement plaques when it is not possible either to find a suitable place to erect a wall plaque on the outside of the building or to obtain the permission of the owner of the building.

Our aim is to complement the existing collection of English Heritage Blue Plaques. We would prefer to encourage the erection of more English Heritage Blue Plaques and to erect our own plaques only for suitable famous former residents of Ealing who are not eligible for a Blue Plaque, or for historic buildings, which are not covered by the Blue Plaque Scheme.

We are always happy to consider suggestions submitted by members for famous former residents who must have died at least 20 years ago or reached the 100th anniversary of their birth or for historic Ealing buildings as suitable candidates for Ealing Civic Society Plaques. However, we do not have funds for the erection of plaques and any proposer would need to seek sponsorship for the cost of the plaque which is currently about  £1,000-£1,100 for manufacture and installation inclusive of VAT.