Ealing Studios development

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The owners of Ealing Studios say “Our current facilities at Ealing Studios are outdated and need to be brought up to date to meet the current requirements of filming. To keep these studios operational and desirable for the growing and changing creative industry, we are bringing forward plans to modernise some of the existing spaces and preserve the studios’ position as a creative pioneer.”

Their plans include creating a new, larger sound stage (in addition to the existing stages), alongside four new workshops, offices, and an entrance reception, security, and site hub. This will serve as the new face of Ealing Studios, and involves redeveloping part of the site. The rest of the site, including the listed buildings, does not form part of the plans.

Representatives of the Civic Society and other local groups attended a presentation of the proposals at the studios last week. Details are now available on a consultation website ealingstudiosconsultation.co.uk.

We think these are exciting proposals to help Ealing Studios regain their position in film production and history. We thought the design of the new building that would replace the dilapidated central buildings looks exceptional with its many references to the Studios as we imagine them in their heyday. We were encouraged too by how much thought had gone into ensuring the sustainability of the new development and hope it will set an example for others to follow.

Do look at the proposals and provide any feedback via the website.  Also let us know your views at chair@ealingcivicsociety.org