Conservation Area Review

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Conservation Area Review Consultation 2022

Ealing Council has for some years been undertaking a strategic review of all the Borough’s 29 Conservation Areas (CAs).

The Council began a public and stakeholder consultation on this review early in February. They would like to hear your thoughts on the proposals put forward in the consultation.

Your comments should be sent by email to: by the deadline of 18 March 2022.

The review seeks to identify:

  • The key changes to, and their impacts on, each of the CAs over the last decade or so, and to assess if the designations are still “fit for purpose”;
  • whether any changes are needed to the CA boundaries or if new areas should be created;
  • whether any additional planning controls/guidance are needed to help preserve and enhance the special character of CAs; these may include the introduction of Article 4 Directions and providing more detailed design guidance where needed to promote the unique architecture of an area.

Note that the proposals relating to new boundary changes and Article 4 Directions, if it is agreed that they should be taken forward, will be subject to separate statutory consultation later in the year.

All the documents associated with this consultation can be viewed at Ealing Council Review of Conservation Areas. There are six individual documents:

This document explains the consultation, the background to it, and how local residents can become more involved with their local conservation area.

This is a report on the whole of the review, together with the key issues and recommendations.

This link includes a report on each CA and questions on which the Council would like to hear residents’ views.

This is a proposal for a new conservation area in the Northfields area of West Ealing, which has been prepared by some interested local residents.

At present there are individual management plans for each of the CAs. This results in much material being duplicated. The aim of the new generic management plan is to have a single policy/guidance document covering all the CAs so that there will be a uniform approach across the Borough and, it is hoped, improved protection for all CAs.

These documents were prepared as part of the review partly to update the existing documents. They now act as initial background information for the review and provided the basis for the more recent individual reports and key questions.