Perceval House – it’s bad news

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Proposed tower seen from Walpole Park

The controversial planning application for Perceval House, which had to be referred to the London Mayor following its approval by Ealing Council, was considered at a meeting last week.  Apparently, Sadiq Khan was not at the meeting but delegated the decision making to Jules Pipe, the Deputy Mayor responsible for Planning, Regeneration and Skills.

In addition to their objections lodged against the original application, many residents and groups including the Society had lodged their objections with the GLA and the Deputy Mayor.  However, he chose not to intervene, stating in his response to the Council that ‘I am content to allow the local planning authority to determine the case itself, subject to any action the Secretary of State may take, and do not therefore wish to direct refusal or to take over the action for my own determination’.  The GLA’s Stage 2 report notes the objections and then dismisses them, concluding that notwithstanding significant policy conflicts the alleged (by LBE) benefits of the development outweigh any harm.

This is a disappointing but perhaps predictable result.  The next step for objectors is to seek the intervention of the Secretary of State (Robert Jenrick) and ask him to call in the scheme, which he has the power to do given that the Council granted itself consent to this development.  The community’s input to this next stage is being led by Save Ealing’s Centre (SEC) and the Society is involved.  As this progresses, we will keep you updated.