Celebrating Corinne

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Corinne Templer, our Vice President, died before Christmas. She did an enormous amount for Ealing’s planning and environment. We plan to celebrate her life and work on Thursday 10 June at 7.30. The evening will start with some recollections and a short clip from a film (courtesy of the Open University) which features Corinne’s campaign for the Town Centre in the 1970s. There will then be an opportunity to get together in smaller groups to talk about Corinne, exchange stories and share memories.

The event will be on Zoom. The link will be available via our Events page and in an email we will send to members in advance. If you would like to say something to the group during the event, please let us know so we can organise these slots.  We are hoping to put together some photo-montages and videos, so please send any photos or videos of Corinne as soon as possible if you would like to share them. Please contact us via info@ealingcivicsociety.org