Our 2020 award

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ECS PlaqueIt is part of our mission to support good architectural and environmental design in the London Borough of Ealing.  So in 2020, despite Covid-19, we aim to run our Annual Award.  As always we need to have a good field of entries from which to choose our shortlist for the judges to review.  Do you know of a project that could be nominated for an Award?  The Award covers new buildings,  renovated or remodelled buildings and open space schemes (such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, landscaping).  Projects must have been completed during the past two years, and have been in use since at least since April 2020 (ie 6 months prior to the date of judging). You can see the archive of previous winners on our website here. The deadline for entries is Monday 14 September, and judging takes place on Sunday 4 October. The nomination Form can be downloaded here.