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architectureWe do a considerable amount of work scrutinising major planning applications in the Borough. This is a selection of recent responses which we have submitted to the Council.

Grand Junction Arms, Western Road, Southall, UB2 5JU 

Construction of attached four storey residential building comprising of six self-contained units with associated parking and amenity space 

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  The information that has been provided in the application is inadequate and not suitable for determining a planning application.  There is no design & access statement nor detailed floor plans.  This has made the application difficult for us to fully assess.  However, from the information that is available, it is clear that this scheme would result in overdevelopment.  In addition, we consider that the planned design is unattractive and out of scale with the surrounding area, which is especially significant as the site borders the Canalside Conservation Area.  Furthermore, many of the proposed units would not meet nationally adopted technical space standards for housing and all would be single aspect, which is unacceptable.


Construction of part five and part six storey building to provide 34 units consisting of co-living accommodation (House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)) (Use Class Sui Generis) including shared communal areas and kitchens, large communal amenity/social space and an outdoor rooftop terrace on the fifth floor level; provision of 34 covered cycle spaces and refuse / recycling storage area (following demolition of two single storey existing buildings)

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  While we do not object in principle to a building on this site nor the overall planned design of the building, we consider this scheme to be overdevelopment.  Any development should not result in a building that is higher than the adjacent Metro Bank, especially since the site is within the Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area.  In addition, the proposed units would not comply with nationally adopted technical space standards for housing – they would be too small even for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Furthermore, since there is no seating area or table space within the units, the planned communal kitchen areas are inadequate in size.  The Council will also wish to note that, because each unit is planned to have its own kitchenette and bathroom, technically, this development would not be an HMO as asserted in the application.

85 Cleveland Road, West Ealing, W13 0HF       

Construction of three storey building comprising nine self-contained residential units (1 x 3 bed, 4 x 2 bed and 4 x studio); and provision of associated parking spaces, cycle and refuse storage, amenity spaces and landscaping (following demolition of the existing two storey dwelling house)

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  We object to the planned demolition of the existing house – there is no justification for demolishing an apparently well-maintained family home that is perfectly habitable and capable of being refurbished.  However, if the Council is minded to accept the demolition, much more time and thought needs to be put into the design of the replacement building.  We object to the current design proposal which we consider to be unresolved, in particular, with respect to the front elevation.  The over large gables and materials would not be in keeping with the neighbouring properties.  Instead, we would prefer a design that demonstrates an understanding of the surrounding context, for example, that includes rounded bays to match with the adjoining properties and a reduction in the size of the gables.

Goldsmiths Arms, 130 East Acton Lane, Acton, W3 7ER   ACTON PARK CONSERVATION AREA   

Demolition of Public House (Use Class A4) and redevelopment of site to construct a building, 3 to 6 storeys high with part basement to provide 65no. Residential units (100% affordable), 524sqm (Net Internal Area) of flexible Commercial Floorspace (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4,D1 [community centre and nursery] and D2 [Gym]) at ground and part basement, with 4 no. car parking spaces, bin stores and cycle parking, new vehicular access on Friars Place Lane and private gardens and landscaping.

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  We object to the proposed demolition of the existing pub which is a locally listed building and a major contributor to the Acton Park Conservation Area.  In addition, we object to the proposed building, which we consider to be very overbearing, oppressively barrack-like and out of scale within neighbouring properties.  If the Council is minded to approve development of this site, we would prefer a sensitive conversion of the existing building that incorporates community facilities, which the local community have made it clear that they would miss.

48 Mount Park Road, Ealing, W5 2RU   MONTPELIER PARK CA    

Single storey rear extension, rear extension at basement level; single storey side extension; rebuild the front boundary wall, new gate to the driveway and pedestrian gate to the side, with associated landscaping; adjustments to some existing windows to side and rear elevations (following demolition of existing rear conservatory and covered side stairway access)

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  We have concerns about the potential threat to the neighbouring property, number 46, a Grade II listed building (and therefore a designated heritage asset), because the proposed extension would extend to its boundary.  In addition, the extent of the basement excavation would risk causing damage to number 46.  Overall, we also object to the design, bulk and massing of the proposed rear extension of number 48 with an over-high parapet and in a style unsympathetic to that of the original house.  In particular, the planned fenestration would be  out of keeping with the character of the conservation area.  Furthermore, any rooflights should be of conservation standard (i.e. flat to the roof).  Finally, the Council should note that, if it is minded to accept this application, then a detailed construction method statement should be required to be submitted and agreed before any work begins.

Durston House, 12-14 Castlebar Road, Ealing, W5 2DR   HAVEN GREEN CA    

Redevelopment of the Durston House School Sports Ground (Carlton Road), consisting of the demolition of an existing single-storey sports pavilion and four x single-storey storage buildings, the removal of two floodlit hardstanding tennis courts and the construction of a part single, part two and part three-storey school (540 pupils in reception and years 1-8), with associated boundary treatment, playing field and soft and hard landscaping; redevelopment of the existing Durston House School buildings, comprising, the change of use of 12-14 Castlebar Road from education use (Class D1) to residential use (Class C3) to create eight self-contained units (7 x 1 bed and 1 x 2 bed) and three townhouses (2 x 2 bed and 1 x 3 bed), including demolition of single-storey garage and three-storey rear extension; the change of use of 26 Castlebar Road from education use (Class D1) to residential use (Class C3) to create five self-contained units (3 x 1 bed, 1 x 2 bed and 1 x 3 bed) and the change of use of 9 Longfield Road from education use (Class D1) to residential use (Class C3) to create one unit (1 x 5 bedroom)

ECS is neutral about this application

Ealing Civic Society continues to regret the loss of open space and sports ground facilities, which is contrary to the London Plan, that would result from this scheme.  In addition, we maintain there should have been an Environmental Impact Assessment carried out for this site, particularly due to the many concerns that have been raised about potential traffic and pollution levels.  We have no further comments on the design of the buildings having been reassured by the school in relation to a number of concerns we raised at the consultation stage.

 Lorclon House, 139B Broadway, West Ealing, W13 9BE  – This has been refused, with our comments noted and endorsed.    

First floor extension to accommodate two additional self-contained units

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this very poor quality application which would provide a first floor extension to the existing building.  There is insufficient information provided to fully assess the application.  However, it is clear that the scheme would offer inadequate residential conditions with a poor outlook to all units and no amenity space. In addition, we have concerns that the proposed accommodation would not meet minimum space standards.  In summary, we consider that the proposals should be rejected in their entirety.

75-117 Boston Road, Hanwell, W7 3SA   

Demolition of existing buildings and development of 3 blocks of between 3 and 7 storeys, comprising a total of 333 studio, one, two, three and four bed flats, ground floor retail / non-residential institution / assembly & leisure (Class A1 and flexible Class A1 / A2 / A3 / D1 / D2) and commercial (Class B1) units; with vehicle access from Adelaide Road, servicing, car and cycle parking, refuse storage, landscaping, public and private amenity space, and village square open space. 

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  We reiterate our objections to the previous application for this site (177284FUL, granted in September 2018) and maintain that the scheme would represent significant overdevelopment in this area characterised by Victorian terraced dwellings.  When we responded to the original application, we objected to the planned number of habitable rooms/units per hectare, which significantly exceeded London Plan density guidance.  The additional units proposed in this application on an only slightly larger site, would further exacerbate this situation and should be refused.

 24-37 High Street, Ealing, W5 5DB    EALING TOWN CENTRE CA   – This was approved despite objections from ECS and other groups 

Change of use of part of first, second and third floor from offices (Use Class B1) to residential (Use Class C3) to accommodate 42 residential units (Class O, 56 day prior approval process)

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society maintains its objection to the attempted use of the 56 day prior approval process to change the use class of this site from B1 to C3 and to develop 42 residential units.  We maintain that the evidence submitted still does not confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the previous use of the premises was as offices.  The existence of a sketched layout plan showing rooms designated as offices with no supporting detail about tenants, leases etc. merely indicates intention.  Unless the Council can provide documented proof that use class B1 has been granted for the entire premises, then the test fails.  The underlying nature of our concerns is that the use of permitted development allows the construction of residential units which would not offer adequate living conditions. The majority of the proposed 1 bed 2 person units are between 32 and 36 square metres, far below the London plan minimum standard of 50 square metres. In addition, the majority are also single aspect which will not allow any through ventilation and no amenity space is offered for any residents.  It is also likely that the external appearance of the buildings would be altered.  The site lies within the Ealing Town Centre conservation area and we share the concerns of the conservation area panel that any such changes should be subject to a full planning application, which would then also require the proposed units to be of acceptable size.

Land to the rear of Tesco Superstore The Old Hoover Building, Western Avenue, Perivale, UB6 8DW 

Construction of a part 22-storey and part 10-storey residential building to accommodate 305 residential units (95x studio, 99x 1-bed, 94x 2-bed, 17x 3-bed) with ancillary communal multi-use space (residential work spaces, reception areas, resident gym, resident lounges and guest bedroom to rent), basement vehicle parking, refuse and cycle stores, landscaping and associated works including alterations to existing car park and access (following demolition of petrol filling station) and installation of sub-station

ECS objects to this application.

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application due to the proposed 22-storey building which would overwhelm and impact negatively on the setting of the two listed buildings on the site.  If minded to approve this application, the Council would need to be satisfied that the verified views provided by the applicant are accurate.  They assert that this tower would not be visible from the pavement of the adjacent main road, a statement which we have considered carefully. Our own analysis suggests that the tower would be very visible from the pavement on the far side of the road, and therefore also, to a lesser extent, to drivers in both directions along the A40. From the far side pavement it appears that a full 7 storeys would be visible which we consider to be the minimum number of storeys that need to be removed from the proposed tower to make it more acceptable.    In any case, this tall block would be highly visible from other viewpoints, in particular, from the surrounding low level streets and several open spaces, which is unacceptable.  It would also adversely affect the neighbourhood roofscape and skyline.

51 The Broadway, Ealing, W5 5JN    EALING TOWN CENTRE CA   

Construction of third and fourth floor to existing building to create additional self-contained residential unit (five units in total); rear extension to second floor; associated internal and external alteration to existing residential units at first and second floor level; and provision of rear terrace amenity space at second and third floor levels

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  We consider that this revised proposal for the addition of two storeys is no less detrimental than what was planned in the previous application 18477FUL, which was withdrawn.  This proposal too would upset the symmetry of the roofline of the terrace and, therefore, impact negatively on the Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area.  These two storeys would contravene the specific guidance with respect to roof extensions outlined in the Conservation Area Management Plan.

In addition, the argument of the applicant that a holistic approach has been taken to the design which would be in keeping when extended across the whole terrace is not valid.  The applicant does not own the whole terrace, so the proposal can only be judged on its own merits.  In addition, even in this context, a two-storey mansard roof would be completely out of keeping for this type of building, which would only ever have had a low single storey mansard set well back behind a parapet.  As we commented in response to the previous application for this site, the proposed addition of two extra storeys to number 51 would upset the symmetry of the roofline of the terrace and, impact negatively on the Conservation Area.  The addition of these two planned extra storeys would also contravene the specific guidance with respect to roof extensions outlined in the Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area Management Plan.

Ealing Central Library, Ealing Broadway Centre, The Broadway, Ealing, W5 5JY   EALING TOWN CENTRE CA

Installation of 3 No internally illuminated signs

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  The signs for Ealing Library currently installed on this site are subtle and appropriate, which these proposed signs are not.  We consider that the signs outlined in the application would be out of keeping with the restrained, well-articulated design ethos of the Ealing Broadway Centre.  If the Council is minded to accept this application, we advise that only one sign is permitted which should be positioned just above the shop entrance.

 18-19 The Mall, Ealing, W5 2PJ    EALING TOWN CENTRE CA

Construction of a seven storey building for mixed use redevelopment comprising 17 residential units and commercial floor space (Use Class B1), together with the change of use of existing restaurant (Use Class A3) fronting The Mall to retail (Use Class A1), various improvements to 18-19 The Mall to retain ground floor commercial use and surgery (Use Class D1) and associated ancillary residential unit at first and second floors, reconfiguration and refurbishment works involving replacement of the shopfront and new access to the rear building; provision of cycle parking, landscaped courtyard and refuse storage (following demolition of existing single storey rear building.

ECS objects to this application

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application.  The proposed seven storey building would be far too tall and have an over dominant effect on the street view from the other side of the road.  There is no precedent for this – the only granted permission for an increase in height to the rear of existing properties on the north side of The Mall is at 11-15 The Mall which would result in five storeys, not the seven storeys sought in this application.  The application for an increase in height at numbers 16-17 remains undetermined, not approved as suggested by the applicant.  In addition, we consider that beige is an inappropriate brick colour for this building.  If the Council were to approve this application, the bricks would need to be of London Stock to be in keeping with the surrounding properties.