Recent planning applications

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ArchitectureThe Society looks at all planning applications sent to Ealing Council. Major schemes and projects are examined in detail. This month we objected to 3 applications:

83-85 Gunnersbury Lane W3 8HH: a proposed multi-storey block of flats which is high compared with neighbouring properties and would constitute considerable over development.

Westgate House W5 1YY: an application to construct 2 extra floors on Westgate House and erect an 8 storey building on the western part of the site – the new floors would reduce the amount of daylight into the light well of the existing building and the new block would be located in a very unsuitable site between a large warehouse and the railway lines/A40.

140 Wales Farm Rd W3 6UG: the proposed demolition of existing buildings and construction of 3 buildings between 12 and 25 storeys in height. The Society objected as follows to a previous and very similar application in July 2017 “We regret the planned demolition of the remaining locally listed Elizabeth Arden Perfume Factory buildings which were designed by Wallis, Gilbert & Partners in 1939.  While we acknowledge that the original building has been severely compromised by the loss of the central tower and replacement of the original windows, we believe that the development would benefit greatly from the retention of the original buildings.  We object that the proposal would result in a development that would be far too dense.  In addition, despite a precedent having already been established elsewhere in the vicinity for higher buildings than proposed here, we maintain that the planned development would be far too high.  This would have a very negative impact on the housing further south on the Wales Farm Road and just south of the Western Avenue. “