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architectureOur Environment Committee looked at 25 planning applications to Ealing Council between April and July 2017. They supported the redevelopment of the Twyford Abbey site for use as a secondary and sixth form school, with some reservations. They objected to the construction of a 3 storey building at 1-3 High St, W3 on the grounds of overdevelopment, poor design and lack of amenity space. The redevelopment of a single storey building to 3 storeys at 52 St Mary’s Rd W5 was supported. The construction of 4 buildings comprising 76 residential units at Orion Park near the tube on Northfield Ave was objected to on the grounds of overdevelopment. The committee also objected to a mixed use development at 92-100 Warwick Rd W5 because the western section would be too close to neighbouring housing and inappropriately higher than the Curve building next door. Detailed comments and objections were submitted on a range of other schemes throughout the Borough.