51 Drayton Green, West Ealing

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51 Drayton Green RoadBuilt at the turn of the 19th century, this was originally St Magdalena’s home for ‘fallen women’. It has been derelict for the last ten years or so and is now owned by a housing association that wishes to demolish it to build flats and houses on the site. As the building is one of the few of character around Drayton Green, the Society sought its statutory listing last year but this was unfortunately refused. However, during its assessment, English Heritage discovered that the chapel (in separate church ownership) was an early building designed by Sir Ninian Cooper, the well-known church architect, and was listed grade II. Together with West Ealing Neighbours we have since been trying to get the home ‘locally listed’ in order to give it some limited protection, but the Council has been very slow in doing anything, despite the active involvement of a local ward councillor. At long last, the Council has agreed to put forward the building for local listing at the meeting of its Regulatory Committee in April but in the meantime the building remains threatened with imminent demolition.