Public Inquiry for Arcadia

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ArcadiaThe latest threat to the centre of Ealing comes from proposals from Glenkerrin to redevelop the Arcadia site along with those for a “bus gyratory” on Haven Green. Although a more modest block of 26 storeys has replaced the 41 storey tower, its proposed “blocky” design is rather reminiscent of the 1960s. Other changes to the remaining blocks are less radical and the development would still remain a high density residential one over the railway lines with no supporting infrastructure such as expanded health or schooling facilities, let alone leisure or culture attractions which would benefit the town centre as a whole. The application for the development (but not the bus scheme) was approved by Ealing’s Planning Committee on 17 December and subsequently by the Mayor in January 2009. However, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has called the application in for determination (an unusual step). This means that the application was the subject of a local public inquiry which ran for three weeks from 23 June 2009. Sir Peter Hall’s address to the inquiry is available here as a PDF download, and more information on the inquiry is available at Save Ealing’s Centre’s website.