Ealing’s Antique Lampposts Saved

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lamppostFor once, we have some good news to report on the conservation front. The leader of the Council, Jason Stacey, recently reported that nearly £0.5m would be found to refurbish Ealing’s traditional gas lighting columns. We have to thank Save Ealing’s Antique Lampposts (SEAL) for this success.

The Society was very pleased to be associated with this initiative, which demonstrates that local people with local knowledge can bring about change with a well-researched and persistent campaign. A lot of work needs to be done before the plans reach fruition, not least because most of the columns have not been touched, even painted, for at least 20 years (although the one shown here is one of a number in South Ealing that have recently been very attractively improved, on the initiative of local residents).

The Council’s announcement was linked with the formation of a ‘heritage quarter’ in the south Ealing/Northfields area with, at its heart, the Grade I listed Pitzhanger Manor, which itself would receive a grant of £2.8m for much needed refurbishment, together with £0.3m to improve facilities in Walpole and Lammas parks. Also announced was a grant of £2m towards restoration of the Grade II listed Hanwell Community Centre, which is on the English Heritage Properties at Risk register.