Hanger Lane Bridges

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Hangar Lane BridgesIn another development, the long-running saga of the design of the replacement Hanger Lane bridges on the North Circular Road has now reached a satisfactory conclusion. You may recall that we, and local residents’ groups, have been in discussion with TfL about the scheme for over five years. We were most concerned about the unimaginative ‘engineered’ design that was emerging. We have now managed to persuade TfL to introduce more landscaping, to create a more colourful design of the parapets (picking up the red, white and green colours to be found in the neighbouring Ealing Village) and, most significantly of all, to find £10,000 for public art in the vicinity of the old retained bridges which will be part of the landscaped area. We hope to be involved in a public competition – to be run by Ealing Arts and Leisure – to choose a design in time for the completion of the bridge works, expected in 2011 (building work is due to start in autumn 2008).